All Newspaper Archives for 1939

  • January

    39.01.05 Must Link Issues of Exports and Jews

    39.01.12 Shots Stir Nazi Anger

    39.01.15 Chamberlain States Objective Attained Through Rome

    39.01.19 Asks Canada to Open Doors to Limited Number of Refugees (End missing)

    39.01.21 Goebbels Hits at Americans

    39.01.27 Guard Placed at Trotsky’s Home

    39.01.31A Representatives Chosen By Jews

    39.01.31B House Diverges Wildly on Refugee Issue

  • February

    02.05 Jew is Generous to Unfortunates

    02.07 Makes Plea for Boycott

    02.08 Appeasement is Recommended to Jews and Arabs

    02.09 Specific Demands of Jews Announced by Zionist President

    02.12A Says Germans Feeding Jews

    02.12B Arabs Realize Jews’ Tragedy

    02.18 Jewish Propaganda to be Considered

    02.21A Making Up For Jewish Doctors

    02.21B Feelings Run High at Monster Pro-Nazi Meeting in New York

    02.24A Jews Must Hand Over All Jewels

    02.24B Arab Visitor Says Zionist Colony in Palestine is Farce

    02.26 Fascist Given Blood of a Jew

    02.28A Refuse to Continue Jewish Negotiations

    02.28B Victoria Would Bring in Refugees

  • March

    03.02A Adopt Plan for Jewish Emigration

    03.02B Urge Jews to Take to Force

    03.04 Old Letters Made Public

    03.08 Final Statement Asked By Jews

    03.16A Submits Plan for Palestine

    03.16B Jew asks Canadian Help After Losing Wealth in Austria

    03.17A Arrests and Suicides Increase

    03.17B Anti-German Crowd Gives Warsaw Hint Hitler Not Wanted

    03.18A Arrests, Suicides and Prison Camps Add to Terror of Occupation

    03.18B Arabs and Jews of Same Opinion

    03.18C Refugee From Hitler Speaks

    03.19 British Jewry Produces Code for Refugee

    03.21 Public Opinion in Germany

  • April

    04.02 Rabbi Kept Busy

    04.09 Nazis’ Gift Not Innocent

    04.16 Authorities Moving to Check Subversive Activities in Canada

    04.26 Women Challenged To Express Ideal By United Action

  • May

    05.03 Britain Prepares to Get Rid of Nazi Agents

    05.18 Independent State with Arab Majority Plan for Palestine

  • June

    06.02 Jewish Refugees Rejected by Cuba

    06.15 Find Haven In Victoria

    06.30 Gypsies Go to Jail and Prison Camp

  • July

    07.02 Success of Plan Stems Prejudice against Refugees

    07.07 Jewish Refugees Rescued From Burning Ship

    07.14 Bar Jews from Swimming Pools

    07.21 Illegal Entry of Jews Causing Arab Unrest

    07.27 Claims Nazis in Okanagan

  • August

    08.06 Nazi Policy Hits Clergy

    08.11 Asks Help For Jewish People

    08.12 Czech Refugees Attempt to Run Palestine Blockade

    08.23 Jewish Refugees Put Ship Ashore

    08.29 Communists Privileged in German Camp May be Useful

  • September

    09.12 Eden Declares Peace Impossible until Hitlerism Banished

    09.22 Murderous Bands of Ukrainian Terrorists Slay Polish Refugees

    09.24 Death Calls Freud in English Exile

    09.27 Registry For Jews

  • October

    10.22 Hitler and Wagnerianism

  • November

    11.01 Austrian Jews Go To Poland

    11.02 Refugees Tell of Atrocities

    11.28 Jewish Youth in Palestine Aided by Fund

  • December

    12.06 Hold on Jews Made Tighter