38.11.08 Shoots Van Rath in Embassy

38.11.10 Mob Violence Follows Death of Von Rath

38.11.11 Jews Victim of Nation-wide Day of Revenge

38.11.13A Nazis Wipe Out Jewish Businesses

38.11.13B Urge Break with Reich

38.11.13C Anti-Jewish Tactics of Mussolini Gain No Favor With Arab

38.11.15A Jews Die When Liner Crashes

38.11.15B Britain Criticizes Germany/ US Leaders Warn Nazis (2 parts)

38.11.15C Decrees Against Jews

38.11.16A Nazi Leaders Disagree Over Extent of Anti-Jew Violence (3 p)

38.11.16B Would Place Jews Abroad

38.11.16C Prepare to Arrange Bargain With Hitler

38.11.16D Killed Von Rath on Own Initiative

38.11.17A No Radios For Jews

38.11.17B International Plans for Resettlement Studied

38.11.19A Jewish Refugees Held at Quebec

38.11.19B Steal Art Objects From Jewish Homes

38.11.19C Claims 200 executed in Germany

38.11.20 Seek To Take Jehovah From Churches

38.11.22 32 Nations Planning Settlement of Jews

38.11.23 Children of Jews to Be Given Refuge

38.11.24 Jewish Refugees to Australia

38.11.25 Says Britain Still Planning Home for Jews in Palestine

38.11.26 Nazis Add to Persecutions

38.11.29A Against Nazi Persecutions

38.11.29B Jews Looking to Roosevelt

38.11.30 Acts Result of Paganism