The Hope Garden

The Battle

I remember that day
The sun was shining
I could hear the wedding bells chiming
He slipped a ring upon my finger
Would his feeling of love lingerÉ
But on the day of the wedding,
The even that we were dreading
The Nazis came to take us away
My love fought them fiercely that day
He lost his heart as well as his life
He would never again see his wife.

Emma Rees
A million names, Each with a face
Miriam P.

A million names,
Each with a face,
A family, a past,
Each had their dreams, their hopes,
Each had a heart,
Each was born,
Was alive,
All gone now,
Nothing but memories,
Good and bad,
Memories untouched,
Left to lie,
To die, Alone,
Who will find them?
Who will unearth them from their dirt-filled grades?
These untouched pieces of history,
Forgotten to the world,
Who will reach out and touch them?
Caress them and heal them?
Who will tell the world their dark secrets?
Will you?
Will I?A million names, Each with a face,

For all the girls and guys

For all the girls and guys,
who wished that blonde hair and blue eyes.
It was such a tragic sight,
because they fought with all their might,
to keep their lives, and to see their wives.
I was told almost six million had died,
and I imagine many more had cried.
Right before I met my tragic death,
I said these words as I took my last breath:
"Why did Hitler have his ways,
to kill the Poles, Jews, and gays?
Hitler wants to take over the world, though,
what if he was part of the targeted foe!?!"
As I was shot and with a bullet hit,
I fell with the bodies into the pit.
Now I could feel my pounding brain,
but I would soon have no more pain.

Night and Dawn
Bryan W.

When the night comes out
So do the stars
With the the heavenly moon¹s
Presence shining down
Comets go zipping by
I reach for them
They seem so high
I strive to shine
Then they are nigh
As dawn approaches
I hope for night
To soar again
In the night sky

Miriam P.

A thought,
It echoes,
Across hills,
Across the mountains,
It bounds,
It leaps,
Joyfully reaching
For the sky,
It falls,
It changes
A bird,
It flies,
Flies for ever on