The Hope Garden

The Shoe

Who was the baby who owned this shoe?
Did he miss his little shoe?
Where did he drop his little shoe?
And was he one or was he two?
When did he ose his little shoe?
Did he crawl or walk?
And could he talk?
What should he do?
He lost his little white shoe.

Marty Westhaver
Why oh why
Kelly M.

Why oh why
did so many die
from what happened long ago
but still makes some cry?

Why oh why
Do we kill one another?
For each person that dies easy is yet
a sister or brother.

All those terrible things that happened
back then
we must take the stand so this won't happen again.

Many spirits, souls, and lives were lost

Many spirits, souls, and lives were lost
Because of something terrible called the Holocaust.
The German invaders thought it was impossible to loose.
After killing millions and millions of Jews.
Look at that hungry boy; he has nothing to eat
Look at that cold girl, she doesn't have shoes on her feet.
Then the Nazis began to gear up,
The fear, the pain, the many cries,
what did Hitler see of them, through his eyes.
Trying to conquer much of Europe.
What would you do? What would you say?
After seeing your family and friends' lives taken away.
Of this incident, the survivors will never forget
because of how millions of lives were taken,
it's hard to neglect.

Years have passed...
Ines Marie Jimenez

Years have passed...
I am not alive to bear witness..
people should never be stripped
of the dignity that they are human
and like anyone else born
has the right to breathe the air I do..
the truth is it happened..
Ignorance is bliss they say..
it can never happen here..
The truth is it can..
Are we so blind to see?
the riots in the last century?
It's not about who...
it's about what..
Are you a Negro,
are you a Jew..
are you a Spic..
are you a Witch..
are you Gay..are you etc..?
Words that roll off tongues so easily..
Ignorance can only cause demise..
the human race has proved it..
Prejudices that are learned..
children reflect their parent's ways..
they never knew that someone was different..
until told so..
We need to remember for the future..
that nothing is sacred..
The holocaust was horrific..
and it proved the last point..
6 million Jews, 1.5 million Children
2-3 million Catholics, homosexuals,
and disabled were lost...
People who could have been the future
to have made the world a better place lost..
our extinction resides on our prejudices..
and our beliefs can destroy us all..
We can never forget.. and unite to fight ignorance..
for we are the human race..
and divided we fall..

Liana M.

It's ugly, it's mean, it's rude, it's deadly
It's a contagious disease that is caught so easily
It can start out as just a rude insult then turn to violence or death
It could happen to you it has already happened to many already
Don't be a victim of this horrid disease
Help stop it before it's too late.

Adrienne Lewis

Somedays I try to ponder
Like what, it must have been;
to live beneath the ashes
of a sky that's closing in.

To grow accustomed
to shrieks within the night,
the constant void within my craw,
and to dread the coming light.

Imagine I'm not a person,
just a yellow crest.
A prisoner of a badge,
I wear upon my chest.

My eyes are vacant windows.
Near me, 6 million other souls laid bare,
dirt the only shroud
that Hitler lets us wear.

Unearthed like worthless fossils
and stacked into a pyre,
now our decomposing flesh
awaits the angry fire.

Can we feel the burning
in a place inside our mind?
Does it hurt us half as much
as those we've left behind?

To survive may be a sentence
of new death every day.
Would I have had the strength?
Or preferred to simply float away?

Somedays this is too current.
Could I waft into the wind?
This is a frightening world that lies
beneath a sky that's closing in.

About Hate on the Internet

"On the internet there are no rules about what you can post up on it. There are rules about who can see it, but it is very hard to enforce these rules because of the number of files on the net.

Hate is one of the hardest things to control. People like Ken McVay are only putting a small dent in the number of pages that are being put on the net. All they can do is search out the pages one by one and then try and do something about them like to get them put off the net or to at least get an age lock put on them.

Some solutions to how the internet might be curtailed would be something like if someone tries to publish a page then it goes to a specially appointed group of people who would rate the site and if need be they could refuse to put it it so that only some people could have access to the page.

That deals with the future but what about now, what about the number of pages that have been put out there, what can we do about them? My suggestions are that we can get more government funded organizations like Nizkor, that try to put a stop to hatred on the net. If we can not do that then at least people who have access to the net at home can go and find hate pages and report them to the government or to an organization that operates like Nizkor. Schools can have a special program that incorporates the use of the net and students can go out into the net and try and find out some of the sites that are out there that try and get people to hate people that are different or people that are easy to seek out and who are defenseless.

Hate is a very hard thing to control anywhere but at least outside of the net there is a law against it but on the net it is very hard to seek out and get taken off the net because there is absolute freedom of speech. The last problem that I am going to present is that of people not caring.
When people see Hate on the net they just sit back and say, "Well what can I do about it?" and they just move on. This should not be so. People should care. The only way that people can start to get rid of the hate is if they take some interest in the ways in which we as human beings can prevent the hate from spreading. A government funded program to increase awareness about bow hate hurts people would be beneficial to the whole population.

In conclusion, the ideas that I have stated above would help cut down hate on the net, but not just on the net, everywhere. These ideals can be incorporated into newspapers and into T.V. We as a people should put a stop to the hate on the net.

Thank You."

Was it really a beautiful day?
Sophie M. and Amanada Mc.

Right after Dr. Peter G. left,
    We ran outside and skipped as we sang.
    It was a Beautiful Day.
    But was it really?
    Knowing the memories of all the innocent people!
    Knowing that people were slaughtered.
    Was it really a Beautiful day,
    if rain still poured in the hearts of thousands of people?
    Dark clouds invaded the sky, and
    it seemed to invading people's dreams too.

    The wind blew lightly through our hair,
    it also blew through our hearts.
    The wind seemded to be free.
    We ran away from the pin and the memories.
    as we ran the grass felt so soft against our bare feet.
    We ran until we could barely breath.
    We fell to the grass.
    We looked up at the sky and the clouds disappeared.
    The sun shown its rays, it warmed our skin and our hearts,
    even though the still poured in many hearts.
    It also poured in ours.
    When will the rain stop pouring?

If someone helped out...
Alina A.

Dark eyes full of fright,

On this cold and freezing night,

Being transported in a box car,
Being taken away very far,

Being held in a concentration camp,
Sitting nice and quiet and very damp,

Staying there all alone,
Not moving a muscle nor a bone,

Listening to the roars and cries,
And saying out last good-byes,

My heart was on fire,
Knowing that we were being trapped with barbed wire,

For never we had eaten,
Just kept being beaten,

Listening to the soldiers munch,
Rotating their duties bunch by bunch,

Listening to their words roar out hate,
Believing we would escape and that would be fate,

Listening to the restless who screamed,
Dreaming about their bodies being redeemed,

To save our lives, we pray,
And our bodies struggle to get stronger day after day,

If only someone would have helped out,
None of this would have came about,

If someone would have turned their back,
The number of deaths would lack,

More people would have stayed living,
Because the saviors were so giving,

All the rules Hitler made would be abolished
And we would have some new ones that would be nice and polished,

There would be less prejudice today,
And more people would get along day by day,

Self-esteem would grow higher and higher,
If only Hitler just would not have been an unfaithful liar,

World War II would have never taken place,
If someone just would have helped out in this case.

Horrible nightmares still remain in my head

Horrible nightmares still remain in my head,
Over, and over the bad dreams seem to spread.
Listening to the screams of horrors,
Only because of a persons personal apperance, race, or color.
Causing this world to fall apart,
All because of a person with a cold black heart.
Using all your faith to get away,
Sometimes I wonder why we have to pay.
Too many hatred people in this world, help......
HELP stop it,
and take it far away!

Child of the Holocaust
Andrew Chang

As I trudge slowly off the train
I see soldiers, guns all around, pointed at me.
Why am I here? I ask myself as soldiers yell.
In this new place, I am in pain from being beat.
Sleep is hard to get in cramped conditions.
Everywhere I go, there's children like me sad.
There's a taste of bad water, spoiled food, and blood.
Weak, hungry, cold, and tired everyday.
Smell of rotten flesh.
Smell of vomit.
Both are all around.
Cries, gunshots, screams.
Why are they doing this?
What have we done?
I am scheduled for the shower.
My time has come.
This shower is like none.
People who enter, don't return.
It is time.
I walk nervously.
Entering the room, I wonder
What will it be like on the other side?