The Hope Garden

Freedom Awaits

We stand in the streets,
Rain pouring from the sky,
Dripping from the faitly rusted barbed wire,
The nazi's eyes burns ours with hate.
Then there is sunlight,
Peeking from beneath the clouds,
And the familiar glare of the nazi,
Fades away,
The gate slowly opens to a new life.
The beginning of freedom.

Jamie E.
Baby Shoe
Emily Dodds

The little baby cries without his little shoe.
His mother looks andlooks,
But can’t find his little shoe.
Maybe it’s lost forecer,
Or maybe just a day.
But I’m sure one day,
He’ll find his little shoe.

Teddy Bear
Liam Grealy

Who was the boy who owned the teddy bear?
Did he sleep with it at night?
How did the boy lose it?
Did he cry and weep?
Did he drop it in panic?
How old was he, five or six?
What happened to the boy?
Did he get caught in a concentration camp?
And if the boy is alive,
Will he ever find his teddy bear from long ago?

Ana’s Shoes
Tingyan Zhang

Ana’s shoes were very white
A gift from her mother, one Hannuka night.
Ana’s mom was sent away,
Ana and mom were sad that day.
Mom didn’t want to separate from her baby,
So she picked her up and ran to safety.
A Nazi soldier followed the pair,
Mom ran with her baby, taking great care.
In the midst of the chaos
The shoe was a loss.
The baby was sad when the shoe fell,
But to her mother she could not tell.
When they jumped into the sea
From the Nazis they wanted to flee.
The baby’s shoe was found in the sand
Mom and baby died hand in hand.

The Glasses
Brett Fairbairn

here once was a man in World War II,
He lived in Warsaw, he lived as a Jew.
He was almost blind,
His glasses were his lifeline.
When the Nazis invaded, he decided to run,
But he couldn’t outrun the gun.
In the midst of the chaos, while he was running,
His glasses fell from his head.
Even when shot, he tried to rebel,
His fists were met with bullets.
His glasses just lay there,
Getting trampled and broken.
The owner is dead,
But his spirit lives on
Those broken glasses remind us of his pain and suffering.

The Sweater
Paige Blaauw

Who made that sweater I saw today?
The one that’s soft with stains?
Maybe a mom was knitting it for her baby.
Maybe one day the baby dropped it at the park.
Maybe they left it behind when they were forced to leave their home for the last time
The baby probably never noticed,
The mom most likely felt upset,
But she had bigger things to worry about.
Maybe the baby is grown up now,
Maybe he or she never made it out of the war.
All I really know is that the baby must have been warm
In that sweater soft with stains.

This Teddy
Myles Kitson

This teddy’s name is A.J.
He belongs to a girl named Hannah.
The teddy was stolen by robbers.
Hannah got hurt on the mouth.
She was sad and bleeding!
They went to the hospital, but she was dead.
Her mom and dad were so sad.
Teddy didn’t have a home right now.

Who was the Woman who Wore this Ring?
Joei Oliveros, Hope Haladik, and Kassidy Simpson

Who was the woman who wore this ring?
Did she have a family? Was it torn apart?
My hopes, my dreams, my everything....

This is my story of how I lost everything
It seemed like an ordinary day.
I came home from work expecting my family to be waiting for me.
Then shock hit me.
They were gone.
Instead I found a Nazi in my home.
It all happened so fast.
The next thing I knew, I was on a train, wondering if my family was alive or not.
I saw a river up ahead and decided to throw my ring, to make sure the Nazis couldn’t take everything I cherish.
I threw it into the bank of the river.
Later, I arrived at a concentration camp with thousands of other Jews. I never found my family or my ring again.

The Lost Glasses
Alyssa Hawes and Catalina De Castro

There once was a man who wore glasses.
They sat right on top of his nose.
He needed to wear them always --
Without them he couldn’t see his toes.

One day he was taken to the station
To get on a train with other Jews.
That’s where he lost his glasses.
Since then, they haven’t seen use.

That’s where my friend and I found them
And we couldn’t help but wonder
If the man with the glasses survived
Or if he was taken to a concentration camp and died.

My Ring
Matthew Mah and Mateo Bernaldez

They took me away
As I tried to run
They beat me with stones
As we left my home
They robbed me of my things
And they stole my precious ring
They killed me that same day
And left me there to decay.

Good Bye
Declan McIntosh

I live in a modest house in Poland. The sun rises almost reluctantly today, as the Nazi soldiers break down my door. I frantically try to hide my only son. The door gives way and they storm in. For the strangest reason, I think of my husband, how the soldiers told me, “He’s dead.”
The young soldier sees my ring; he demands it and tears it from my finger. The soldiers push me and my son in different directions. I say good bye, not only to my son, but also to my last memories of my husband who died trying to prevent this.