The Hope Garden

Night and Dawn

When the night comes out
So do the stars
With the the heavenly moon¹s
Presence shining down
Comets go zipping by
I reach for them
They seem so high
I strive to shine
Then they are nigh
As dawn approaches
I hope for night
To soar again
In the night sky

Bryan W.
A Holocaust Fairy Tale
Kioko Metcalfe

This is the tale of a boy and girl, but it doesn’t have a happy ending. She was a Jew, he was not. Her name was Eve, and at seventeen, she worked at her family’s bakery. His name was Ivan, and at nineteen, he worked as a Nazi soldier.

One dark morning, Ivan went for a walk, and found himself drawn toward the golden light of the bakery window. From his first step in the doorway, he looked into Eve’s eyes, and saw the woman he could spend the rest of his life with. But she was a Jew, and he was not. Their love was forbidden, but that did not matter to them.

Ivan bought a ring, and Eve bought a dress, and they ran off to get married. They knew that their time together was slowly running short.
One week later, Eve was forced onto a train with a crowd of other Jews. Ivan was there and he saw what was happening. They both knew what was happening, but there was nothing they could do. And for the last time, Eve saw his face, but she knew she could not leave him with only memories. In her pain, she took the ring and let it fly from her fingertips, landing at his feet. With his eyes watering, he managed to yell his last words to her “Goodbye my  love, for you are an angel, and you do not belong here, but in heaven.”

Of a Child
Ava Zanatta

Smile, honey, please don’t cry,
Don’t look to where those families lie.
Their pain and hardships have gone away,
They’re as free  as birds, as of today.

Quiet down, baby, dry your tears,
We must stay clear of the Nazi’s ears.
I know you’re hungry, but we must stay here and hide.
Nothing can harm us while we remain side by side.

Hush, still your shaking hands,
If all else fails do not forget,
I love you.

The Last Moments
Adriana Thom

It’s funny really. One moment I was there, and now I’m here. I knew what was happening, yet I didn’t do anything. What was there to do?
My life, my fate had been decided. All I can do is wait, wait for it to set in. All around me are people, people screaming, panicking, crying, fighting, dying, and searching in vain for their loved ones. I look at my ring.

Once, long ago, it meant something. It meant that I lived I loved, and I was loved. Lnow all I see in it is regret, death, lies, and false hopes. In my anger, I throw it hard and far. I realize that this is it. And I begin to laugh. Li laugh for my sorrows, I laugh out my tears, I laugh at this madness, and I laugh at my fears. And I don’t feell anything because in my last hour, what do I have left? What is my worth? Nothing. I have nothing and I’m worth nothing, just like they said all aong. I see a beautiful light begin to appear, and I see arms. Is it him? Has he come? Am I worth something after all? No, it is is someone far greater, and I now know I cannot turn around. I must move on, but I cannot find the strength.

The Glasses
Seve Yuen

How did these precious glasses get in my hands?
Why are they destroyed, and why are there no lenses?

Around 1939 – 1945, these glasses were perfectly fine, until the German soldiers invaded the city where Anne Frank was living Everyone in the city was forced to give the soldiers all their jewelry and goods. They were also forced to be slaves. The soldier who invaded Anne’s house was in a bad mood. He took Anne’s mom’s glasses and threw them on the ground; then he stomped on them, and the lenses shattered.

Many years later, after the war was over,  my mother found these glasses on the ground and brought them home. That’s how I got them.

The Silver Wedding Rings
Maeve Poulin

Dress on, clean face, bright smile.
This day was supposed to be a happy one.

Where did it all go wrong?

Small wedding, not a surprise, just before sunrise
Walking down the aisle, she sees him, all they need is ore time.

Where did it all go wrong?

Too late, loud noises, gunshots, the back doors open
Uninvited guests run inside, nobody is left behind.

Where did it all go wrong?

Tears of sadness as the couple separate
Holding hands are broken never to reach each other again.

Where did it all go wrong?

Years pass, only two silver wedding rings are left
In that room where two Jews almost got married.

Where did it all go wrong?

Lost Little Shoe
Emmy Moreau

A little girl wakes in her room to darkness and screaming outside her door.
Suddenly, the screaming is cut off.
Bravely the little girl puts on her shoes and opens the door to see…
Her parents are pushed out the front door.
She runs to them and yells, “Mommy, Daddy!”
She reaches out with tiny hands and tiny hope
Their sad and fearful eyes pierce her and fill with tears
She is grabbed by a policeman who pushes her out with her parents.
They’re all taken to join many other Jews on the street.
Tears roll down the little girl’s cheeks.
Her parents try to comfort her.
A man grabs her and drags her away,
Away from her parents.
So fast that her shoe slips off.
She winces at the cold, wet ground on her sock foot.
As she looks back at her parents,
Her eyes wander down to her shoe alone on the stone.

The Baby’s Sweater
Taryn Starling

Who was the baby who wore the sweater?
The one that I saw in my English classroom?
Did the sweater fit?
Was it too small, or was it too big?
How did the baby feel when she or he lost it?l
How did the baby lose it?
Did he or she lose it at a park?
Or at a store?
Who was the baby who lost the sweater?

Teddy Bear
Kennedy McCrae

Today we saw a teddy bear.
Did the boy get the teddy at the fair?
He was loved so much
That the fur became rough.
When the teddy was lost,
Did the boy cry?
Did the teddy wave good-bye?
He was a best friend,
He never wanted it to end.
That was the last time he saw him.
The teddy was a real champ when the boy went to camp.

The Lost Teddy Bear
Lorena Peluso

She was the girl who owned the teddy bear,
The one with black eyes and light brown hair.
She lost it one day
When they took it away.
She cried all night
With all her small might.
She wa hungry,
She was angry,
She felt bad,
She felt sad.
She died a low death,
And with her last breath,
She said,
“I love you, my little Teddy Bear!”

Who was the Child who Wore the Shoe?
Noah Avila

Who was the child that owned the shoe?
Who did it belong to, me or you?
Was the child well, or did he have the flu?
Where did he lose his little shoe?
Where did he go to have a look?
Maybe he lost it while reading a book.
He will never find that shoe that is white
Even if he tries with all his might.