The Hope Garden

We innocently believe ...

We innocently believe that we are complete,
until life's sun reveals to us,
so blindingly,
that no matter how glaring our will,
luminous our soul,
enlightened our mind, or
resplendent our personalities,
we are in veritable darkness
without the truth of love.

The Shoe
Tyler Smith

Who was the baby who wore the shoe?
Was it a girl or boy?
Was he or she Jewish?
Or were they not affected by the war?
Did they drop it or was it stolen?
No one knows.

The Teddy Bear
Cassidy McDonald

My teddy bear was my best friend,
I never wanted it to end.
We liked having tea parties together,
We were friends forever.
At night I could close my eyes
Knowing that my teddy bear beside me lies.
When the morning sun breaks,
Me and my teddy bear wake.
Until one day,
My teddy bear got taken away.
We could no longer play games
Now that the big soldiers came.
They took me and my family away
Each night we would pray
Hoping we would get at out of here some day.
Maybe I would find my teddy bear
And we could again be a pair.
But until then, I continue to pray
Because I  know that one day
My teddy bear will come my way.

The Teddy Bear
Zakery Myrowich

There was a boy named Ihor who died in 1944,
He lived in the Ukraine, and he was very poor.
He had no toys, but on one Christmas day,
He awoke and rose to see a teddy bear,
With a cute little nose, staring into his eyes.
He loved it, and he played with it every day.
Vanished his fears from the soldiers, who weren’t far away.
But one day he woke up to a pounding on the door.
It was the soldiers, who took him away.
He couldn’t see his teddy no more.
He died in a concentration camp the very next day,
But in heaven, the teddy and he got to play.

The Glasses
Luke Anderson

I used to play cards with my friends.
We all wore glasses
W called our group the sense
One day I was in France with my wife
We were on the Eiffel Tower
I leaned over to look
And what a crook
The glasses fell and hit the earth
I could not see and was angry
Si I went for the glasses after.

Kieran Wild

Where is my teddy bear?
I cannot find him.
He was wearing my yellow star.
The Nazis are rounding up the people with the yellow stars.
They are putting them on trains.
Where are they going?
I see my bear!
He is on the train.
He’s gone with the others.

One Teddy Bear
Joshua Santo

One new teddy bear, loved with a young girl’s care.
Day and night, dusk to dawn, it would stay with the girl there.
Always comforting. Always delighting.
Keeping the girl happy, in a world that was not really fair.
One loved teddy bear, worn out with gradual using,
Sees a young girl struggle against foes that fight without refusing.
Fearfully crying, yet bravely fighting.
But taken away, to a camp far, far away, without safety and refuge.
One neglected teddy bear, sitting amongst the rubble.
Bearing witness to the sadness and despair amidst the trouble.
Forever lonely. Eternally grieving.
Giving up hope whilst surrounded by destruction.
One ragged teddy bear, despairing for his loss.
A young boy found him, amongst other things that had been tossed.
Gloriously relieved. And once more loved
By a boy who has longed for the people he lost.

The Story Behind the Ring
Liam Keane

I wonder who owned that ring I saw in my English class…
Was he or she in love?
I wonder how they lost it.
Was it taken? In the ghetto?
Or on the train?
Or possibly in the rain?
Were they Jewish?
Or rich, spoiled Nazis?
It could’ve been a friendship ring.
It could’ve belonged to the world’s greatest mother or father.
I would really like to know the story behind the ring.
What about you?
What would you give to know the story behind the ring?

Josiah Lamb

The love of my life had just proposed
At the exact same time the sun rose.
The light was shadowed by a man
Come to take us away.
The light in my heart faded that day,
I now knew our fate.
We were to head to Death’s gate
No more would I be married
Now I was to be carried far, far away
We walked into the chamber.
I no longer had my ring,
I’d slipped it off my finger
To inspire someone
Who would wonder why
Why I slipped it off my finger
Before I went to die.

The Battle
Emma Rees

I remember that day
The sun was shining
I could hear the wedding bells chiming
He slipped a ring upon my finger
Would his feeling of love lingerÉ
But on the day of the wedding,
The even that we were dreading
The Nazis came to take us away
My love fought them fiercely that day
He lost his heart as well as his life
He would never again see his wife.

Window Eyes
Alexandrea delos Reyes

Fear had set in the eyes of the bleak and bleary
Seared the eyes of innocent children
As they disappeared in fogs of gas
Their eyes went wide, but faded away
From the toxic lies
They had heard that unmentionable day
Cries of agony filled the air
In the fog of the cold night
These children weren’t there
They were dead and unseen
Out of the light of day
But if you could not see
Through your window’s eye,
You’d hear echoed voices of those children’s cries.