Welcome to Victoria Holocaust Remembrance and Education Society (VHRES)

The Victoria Holocaust Remembrance & Education Society is dedicated to breaking down
walls of prejudice and intolerance through education and remembrance of the Holocaust.

"To combat prejudice and racism by educating the citizens of Vancouver Island, British Columbia,
especially students and teachers, about the events and implications of the Holocaust."

~ Quoted from the Society's Constitution ~

The Victoria Holocaust Remembrance & Education Society

Photo credit: Ryan Severyn

...a young boy is instructed by his mother to pack some important personal items into a shoebox; she reminds him that a Jew must always be prepared to flee. Abraham goes up to his bedroom and finds not one but two shoeboxes under his bed. In the first, he packs socks, underwear, mittens, a scarf, and a wool hat; he ties the box with a piece of string and hides it under his bed. In the second shoebox, he packs his favorite bag of marbles, a photo of his Mama and Papa, another photo of his Grandpapa with him on his Bar Mitzvah, a coin his grandmama gave him, and his favorite story book...

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